You volunteer because you want to help raise money for your cause and you’re willing to work hard to make it happen. With help from Cause4Auction, this year’s auction can be the most profitable ever.

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Cut the Leash

  • Free your bidders from having to hover over auction tables with instant outbid texts and emails.
  • Bid from anywhere using your bidders’ own mobile device.
  • Eliminate long lines and make checkout a breeze as winners checkout with their mobile devices.
  • Group silent auction, fixed price and live auction items into one easy checkout.

Raise More Money

  • Build fun and excitement with item outbid texts and emails as bidders compete in good-natured bidding wars.
  • Open bidding to friends and relatives days or weeks before your event.
  • Grow interest and get starting bids by promoting your auction on social media.

Register Your Bidders the Way You Want and Promote Exclusive Items

  • “Hide” some items in your auction to be unveiled for exclusive bidding by event attendees.

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