Whether you’re a full-time nonprofit professional or a parent volunteer helping to organize an online auction for your school, this time of year is the perfect time for making resolutions for the new year regarding your fundraisers. Setting goals and working hard to meet them is essential to excelling in your efforts and surpassing the bare minimum. Here are some resolutions to consider for your 2018 fundraisers:


Be more personal in your approach.

Online communication and fundraising software, while convenient and efficient, can sometimes be isolating for your donors and fundraising participants. This year, make it your goal to incorporate more personal and face-to-face interaction with those involved. Make phone calls to donors, thanking them for their contributions. Schedule coffee dates with those you collaborate with in your community to encourage follow-through and loyalty to your cause.


Be more active on social media.

If your nonprofit already has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms, resolve to reply to every message and comment and make a schedule to post 1-2 times per day. Staying active and consistently engaged on social media shows that you are committed to your cause and available for communication. If your fundraiser is smaller-scale, and you’re not planning on starting any social media accounts, consider posting on the social networks of your affiliated organization (your school, office, etc.) to bring awareness to your cause and promote it effectively.


Refine Your Email Templates

Fundraisers undoubtedly require a lot of time to put together, and you don’t want to waste time coming up with new ways of promoting your fundraiser with each potential donor. Even more so, if you have multiple volunteers or other professionals sending out communication, you want the language to be consistent. Set aside time this year to write and edit effective emails or other written communication, creating templates that you can continue to reuse throughout the year. This will save you time and energy in the long run.


Expand Your Fundraising Knowledge

Add to your professional development by seeking out new fundraising knowledge on your own. This is the best way to grow your understanding of online fundraising and inspire new ideas to further your success. Start by following fundraising blogs, reading a few books on fundraising, and seeking out other professionals to grow your network and add to your resources.


Make Use of Your Data

Commit to dedicating time towards cleaning up and making use of your data. Whatever financial or fundraising software you use, identify entries that are incomplete or need to be deleted and take care of them so they are up to date. And don’t simply ignore the data once you’ve cleaned it up! Data is so important in helping you to make new goals and estimate what your nonprofit or other organization is capable of accomplishing in your next fundraiser. Spend time analyzing your data, and use it to evaluate your future goals.


This year, consider what you most want to get out of your fundraisers, and create smaller goals to meet your overarching ones. Here’s to a year of highly profitable fundraising!