How It Works

Bidders love the freedom and flexibility that Cause 4 Auction brings—not to mention getting home on time at the end of the night!

Register with Ease.

Bidders can be added ahead of time or automatically added when they make their first bid.

Click or Tap to Bid.

On-site bidders can scan QR codes to easily jump to an item that they want to bid on. Web or mobile bidders can view all or sort by category. A simple click is all it takes to enter a bid.

Enter Maximum Bid.

Autobidding incrementally increases the bid amount, up to the maximum entered.

Receive Outbid Notices via text or email.

Bidders are freed from hovering over the auction tables so they can enjoy the event or follow the auction from a remote location .

Have Fun.

They’ll enjoy the thrill of friendly competition as they try to outbid their rivals. You can’t get this intensity with paper bid sheets!

Eliminate the Hassle.

Let your winners pay with their mobile devices and skip the long line at the end of the night.

Additional Reasons to choose Cause4Auction:

Bid from Anywhere.

Bid from anywhere using your own mobile or any internet enabled device.


Secure Self Checkout.

Eliminate long checkout lines!  Bidders can checkout on their own mobile device.  


MyBids Dashboard.

Bidders can keep track of everything they’ve bid on or are hoping to bid on.


Encourage social media posting

Let friends and families get in on the bidding even from a remote location.


Favorite Items.

Bidders can “favorite” items onto their dashboard to easily bid on them later.


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