How It Works

Fundraising is a labor of love. You do the labor because you love your organization. But we all know that auctions require an extreme amount of work sourcing donations, collecting and categorizing them, notifying winners, and staying late to check out each individual item. Fortunately, there’s a better way to run your auction that takes care of the logistics and makes it possible to raise more money than ever before. Putting together a fundraiser is much easier—and significantly more profitable—with Cause 4 Auction.

Here’s How It Works

Create Your Auction.

Our easy-to-follow online form guides you step-by-step through the process. Name your auction, upload images, and customize as needed to make your auction run when and how you want.

Add Items.

Enter the items individually as they come in through our interface or upload them as a CSV or TAB file.

Add Bidders.

Add your bidders manually or import a group as a CSV or TAB file. You can also allow bidders to self-register or automatically register when they make their first bid.

Watch your numbers rise as bidders engage.

Bidders anywhere receive outbid notices, giving them the motivation to raise their bids and engage other bidders.

Notify Winners.

After your auction has ended, you can click to send messages to notify item winners.

Self or Manual Checkout.

Lighten your workload and make end-of-night checkout fast and easy by allowing your winners to pay for their items with their mobile devices. Manual checkout is available for cash/check payments or for those who want a full-service option.

Additional Reasons to choose Cause 4 Auction:

Increased bidding time.

Start the auction in advance of your event to get more bids.

Allow multiple item winners

Now you can have silent auction items with multiple winners

“Hide” items from your auction.

Increase your event’s exclusivity by making some items for attendees only.

Integrate Live Auctions.

Group items won during silent and live auctions in one checkout.

Includes Ticketing.

Offer tickets and register your attendees as bidders at the same time.

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