If you’re holding a fundraising event this year, you’ll want it to be a success. It’s imperative to keep your potential donors entertained, interested and excited. You can do this by hosting new and fun fundraising events each year, with fresh ideas and concepts –rather than hosting the same event time and time again. Here are our top ideas for livening up your fundraising event and ensuring your guests have a fantastic time.

Event Theme

Picking the right theme for your event is crucial. You’ll want to choose a theme that gets people excited about your event, and your theme will help you throughout your planning process. Think about ideas that will get people involved, perhaps a theme that involves your donors wearing costumes, such as a superhero event or a masquerade ball. Tailor your theme to your audience and chosen charity, to add a personal touch. Always look at what topics are on trend, as a topical theme is sure to get people talking!

Photo Booth

As well as providing a fun event, it’s great to provide a way for your guests and donors to remember the evening. A photo booth is a great idea, as it combines a source of entertainment with a way to remember your event. Many photo booths also offer instant sharing to social media, to help spread awareness of your cause. You can customize most photo booths to include a personal touch, including logos and wording on the images.

Unique Venue

Another way for a different and memorable event is to hold it in a unique venue. Think of a garden party in summer or street party if it’s a local cause. Something different to a typical venue hall will make your event memorable, and help to liven it up a little!

Guest Speaker

Does your cause have celebrity backers or local experts? A guest speaker at your event is a great way to both provide entertainment and also educate your guests to your cause. This can help you reach a wider circle by inviting fans and friends, and if it’s someone very well known, you can even charge an entry fee.

Food Stations

A great way to inject some life into an event whilst catering for your guests is interactive food stations. Rather than a traditional boring sit down meal food stations let your guests mingle, and get them up about and enjoying themselves. How about a make your own pizza bar, or a taco station? Or a candy bar for a children’s event? There are lots of ways you can incorporate this idea into your theme.

Whatever you are fundraising for, we hope you’ve gained some ideas on how to make your event as fun and exciting as possible! Don’t forget to use Cause4Auction as a way to receive bids from a wider audience at your event.