Planning meetings have been had, phone calls have been made, items procured… your fundraiser is all ready to go. Or is it? If you don’t have a clear and effective strategy for communicating with your audience, even the most unique and exciting fundraiser can fall flat on its face. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste; make sure the people you’re trying to attract have all the information they need to help make your fundraiser a success.

The Basics: Make sure you include all the pertinent information! As a parent, it is truly frustrating to be interested in (or even excited about!) a fundraiser, only to find that your information is incomplete.

Make sure you’ve included:

  1. Who is running the fundraiser
  2. What the money raised will be for (be specific if you can! “uniforms for the soccer team” rather than “sports fund”)
  3. When the fundraiser is happening
  4. What is being sold
  5. How to pay
  6. Contact information for any further questions

Flyers: Flyers are the age-old standby for getting information out, especially in the school setting. Make sure that yours stands out. Colorful paper, easily readable font, and don’t forget to include all the details!

E-Mail: Rather than a text-based e-mail, create a graphic that will catch your reader’s eye! It will offer all the design impact of a flyer with an effortless and environmentally-friendly electronic format.

Social Media: Many schools have a social media presence these days. Tweet about your event (include the image file of your flyer!), create a Facebook event that can be shared easily, even share your event info on Instagram! The more ways you can get your fundraiser details out, the wider your audience will be. You can even come up with a unique hashtag for participants to use.

Signage: We can’t forget the old standby, announcement signs in front of schools. Many schools even have electronic signs, making it really simple to get your information into the announcement scroll. Parents in the drop-off / pickup line will be an absolutely captive audience!

And of course, if you’re using Cause4Auction (and we hope you are!) then you can let all your participants know ahead of time how to use mobile bidding so they’ll be ready to go when your event begins. You have people who want to participate but can’t make the event? Make sure you include information about our remote bidding — they can join the fun from anywhere they have internet.

With a strong communication strategy, your fundraiser will be well on its way to success — and Cause4Auction will be there to help you reach your goals!