While you might find it easy to find first-time donors for your fundraising campaign, you might find it hard to turn these one-time givers into repeat donors who support your cause. But how do you turn one-time donors into repeat donors and advocates of your campaign? Here’s a quick list of our top tips to boost your efforts and create ongoing supporters.

Keep donors engaged

First time and one-off donors usually give when they feel an emotional connection to your cause. In order to promote ongoing support and repeat donations, you have to keep that connection strong.

You can do this by keeping your website up to date with news and information about your cause, as well as updates and progress made through donations.

You can also utilize email campaigns and social media to stay connected with your supported and keep them informed.

Share Success Stories

Your donors will want to see how their initial donations are being used before they make the step to donate for a second or even third or fourth time. People want to see what they are contributing to the cause, and to see the success stories their donations have created. If you keep your donors updated with how your cause is going, they will be more and more likely to donate again.

Use digital channels to promote your causes’ success, such as email newsletters, website updates, and even social media updates. This helps remind your donors that they are making a difference through their donations.

Give donors an input

If donors carefully for your cause, they will appreciate the chance to contribute to your organization, and not just monetarily.

If you give your donors the chance to put forth their thoughts, such as answering surveys about upcoming projects, giving feedback on the ways they like to donate and provide opinions and insight into your campaigns. This helps donors feel like an integral part of your organization and will inspire them to donate again and invest further.

Say Thank You

A simple technique, but your donors like to receive acknowledgment and thanks from your organization. This is true regardless of the size of their donation. A small thank you to each donor throughout the year can massively encourage repeat donations, and help your supporters feel valued. Use these touch points to update donors with what your organization and cause have gained from their donation, to add to the authenticity and personalization of your message.

If you use these top tips for connecting with your first-time donors, you will see a huge increase in repeat donations. Don’t forget to utilize the newest technologies, mobile bidding apps such as Cause4Auction is a great way to help you in your fundraising efforts.