A school auction is a great way to fund raise money for charity, by allowing bidding on auction items and selling to the highest bidder. These interactive events can both raise funds for your chosen charity and encourage community action within your school.

More traditional paper auctions are moving out of fashion in favor of online and mobile fundraising software. With software like Cause4Auction, you can replace paper bid sheets with smartphones. This means your guests can receive bids on their auction items from their smartphone at the event, however, this also means you can have participants anywhere around the world!

Being able to receive bids on your items from guests who can’t make your event greatly increases the potential of your fundraising auction. You can receive bids from many members of the community who would like to support your cause but cannot attend your event; family members of school children who live in a different state, or community members with other responsibilities who can’t make it.

But how can you reach these potential bidders?

Social media is a great way to connect with your audience and make people aware of your auction. Here are our 5 social media tips to promote your school charity auction.

1. Cross Promote

To reach the full extent of your potential audience, you’ll want to promote your auction on as many channels as possible. Keep your message consistent across all your platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Encourage your supporters to connect with you, by sharing and commenting on your posts. By sharing your online auction on all your platforms, you’ll extend your reach. You can do things like link to your online blog post through your Facebook page, or add your social media links to e-newsletters.

2. Be clear in your story

To connect your followers to your charity fundraising, make sure you tell your story. What are you trying to raise money for? Who will it help? Your followers will respond to real stories about the cause or organization you are trying to fundraise for and make them want to help your efforts. Post snippets of stories on your social media platforms to help your followers understand what it is you are raising money for.

3. Use relevant hashtags

Another way to reach a wider audience on social media is to use hashtags. Do some research on what hashtags people posting about similar stories are using, and incorporate them into your own posts. Look at what topics and hashtags are trending and find a way to relate them to your posts and stories.

4. Tag relevant accounts

If the organization or charity you are fundraising for has their own social platforms, make sure you are tagging them in your posts. This means that your posts will reach their followers, who might be interesting in supporting your cause.

5. Pin to the top of your page

Make sure your link to your online auction is featured prominently at the top of your social media pages. This means it will be the first thing your followers see when they visit your page. You can pin the posts to the top of your page, so they will be featured heavily to your followers.

We hope these tips have helped you in thinking of ways you can promote your school charity auction through social media. Don’t forget to use Cause4Auction as a way to receive bids from a wider audience, and tag us in your social media posts!