Another fundraising season will soon be upon us. While there is an incredible amount of detail that goes into planning a charity auction, we wanted to put together 5 quick tips for you to get the most out of your next event.

1. Know Your Audience Before Picking Auction Items:

Make sure you take your audience into consideration before picking items to feature in your auction. This will increase the amount you can get for each item. Beyond that, it’s more fun for your guests as well.

If you have board members or businesses who have volunteered to donate items, consider putting together a list of items they can choose from.

2. Advertise Before The Event:

Ensure that the people who are passionate about your cause know about the event in advance and can participate freely. There are many ways of getting the word out including, asking your local news/radio stations to highlight the event, utilizing social media platforms to share information about the event and much more. Furthermore, since we are in a modern world, consider combining these efforts with a reliable technology, likeCause4Auction, to allow your target audience to start bidding prior to the event. This increases engagement and competition.

3. Emphasize The Cause:

Emphasizing the cause at your auction helps your event receive more bids. Remind your guests throughout the evening why they are there and more importantly why they are spending their money. This will continually engage your guests with the cause and make them more inclined to bid on items throughout the evening.

4. Bundle Items:

Bundling items together can increase perceived value and increase bid competition. For instance, if you have a camera as one of your items, consider adding a bag, strap, or a storage card.

5. Order the cause strategically

In an auctions event, timing is an important factor that should be mastered. For instance, if you close the bidding on items too early or too late, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. It is vital to optimize the perfect order in which you auction off your products so that you are able to raise most funds.

With these tips, you even will be able to bring your auction to the next level. For guidance and tips related to charity auctions, check out Cause4Auction. Additionally, using Cause4Auction at your next event eliminates the need for paper bid sheets, long checkout lines, and unneeded stress. Your bidders will have more fun as well, with outbid notifications right to their phone. The service also increases competition for items raising you more money with less effort. Let us know if you put any of these tips to use!