A Tale of Two Dads

You know how it is. You have projects and deadlines. You’re busy. You don’t have time for one more thing. But if it’s something for your kid, you somehow find the time.

The project that wanted to happen

My partner Howie and I are two engineering buddies who happen to be Dads.

We’ve been tinkering with computers and software since we were 10 years old—long before the internet made computing an everyday part of most people’s lives. Between the two of us, we have 30 years combined experience building complex systems for the military, the wireless industry and big data applications. You can find the software we’ve built and developed in web apps, websites, mobile apps and embedded systems.

But no matter how much we love what we do, our families always come first.

One day in 2014, Howie’s daughter’s school was having a meet and greet and the principal asked Howie if he could come up with a way to run an auction that sent text message notifications when bidders were outbid. Howie thought it would be a fun side project that would help the school so he started working on it. He created it as requested and the principal was happy, but Howie wasn’t.

He could see that there were real possibilities here. The system could do so much more. He started adding features and tweaking it. A few months later, he showed me.

That’s when things really took off.

Because we had spent years in the fundraising trenches as active, involved parents, we were extremely familiar with the challenges that go along with fundraising auctions for schools. We bounced ideas off of each other, working tirelessly to redesign and shape the system to meet our vision. Cause 4 Auction was born.

Thank you Cause 4 Auction for helping us generate more income than we ever did with paper bidding!
-Monterey Ridge Elementary School

A solution that works

We ran 41 auctions in 2015, for a total of $398,278. Our clients are, by nature, active and involved people and we took advantage of their feedback to make further refinements. The response was incredible, with 92% of users returning to use Cause 4 Auction again in 2016.

Cause 4 Auction now has a proven track record, with 100% of our event organizers rating us a 7 out of 7 in user satisfaction. Bidders appreciate getting outbid text messages, bidding from anywhere, and avoiding long checkout lines by paying directly from their mobile devices. Organizers appreciate having a smaller workload and raising more money. It’s a solution that everyone can get behind.

Try our free demo or contact us now to use Cause 4 Auction for your next fundraiser. Get ready to fly past last year’s fundraising goals without looking back.

-Jeff Chang, Co-Founder

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